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The Story of a Survivor

One of the committee members of the Jewish Monument Foundation Meppel, Mrs Evalina Stad, has been giving guest lessons on behalf of Memorial Centre Camp Westerbork for a couple of years. For this purpose Mrs Stad, a teacher herself, visits schools for primary and secondary education to tell students the story of her period in hiding during the occupation by the Germans.
She was born in Amsterdam in 1942 and she escaped transportation by, still a baby, being taken to a safe house in Friesland, in the north of the country, by people of the resistance. She grew up in Friesland with foster parents and lives now in Meppel. She wants to go on telling the story of this terrifying period in her life, as long as possible.
The Foundation also is fully aware of the importance that stories like hers are passed on by people who experienced them personally.
Information about  this subject can be given by calling 0522-259288 b.g.g. 0522259069 or secretaris@joodsmonumentmeppel.nl



Guided Tour

One of the committee members, Mrs Elsbeth van der Horst, acts as your guide along the “Remnants of Jewish Life”. By taking you back in time, she will show you the few remaining places and objects that are still reminiscent of what once was a flourishing Jewish community.  She will tell you where the dancing school of Isaac Stern was, about the man who was known by everybody as “pannechien blauw” ( a blue little pan) and also where once the synagogue  was to be found, and many more things that might interest you. The Foundation will be glad to organize for you a tour through Meppel’s beautiful centre  .

Information can be obtained via 0522-259288 b.g.g. 0522-259069 or secretaris@joodsmonumentmeppel.nl

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Before or after a guided tour on the Jewish Cemetery it will be possible to attend the lecture “Mourning and coping with sorrow within Judaism”.  Elsbeth van der Horst, secretary of the Foundation will be pleased to tell you about this subject and inform you about the special rituals and the symbolism prevailing within Judaism. She will tell you about the custom of visiting the next of kin of the deceased person by taking food to them and talking as little as possible. What else remains to be said …… Or she will tell you what the Hesped is or the Tahara. She will also explain what sjiwwe-sitting is, and why this takes place. As all this is unknown to many people, Elsbeth gladly makes you more familiar with these interesting and special customs and rituals.


For information: 0522-259288 or 0522-259069 of secretaris@joodsmonumentmeppel.nl